What did the Visitors think of Discovering Revelation?

by Dec 6, 2023Public Evangelism

To better understand what people liked (or didn’t like) about our recent evangelistic series, we sent out an online survey to everyone who pre-registered to attend Discovering Revelation. Here’s what we they told us…

For all respondents, the primary way they learned about Discovering Revelation was through the handbills delivered through the mail, with Facebook advertising coming in second. Of course, those media advertisements are always most effective when combined with a personal invitation from someone they know. So don’t skimp on advertising—and don’t neglect the power of your personal influence to encourage visitor attendance!

What about the folks who pre-registered but didn’t attend? When asked why they didn’t end up coming, most said their plans simply changed or that they just forgot. The overwhelming majority of respondents, 90% to be exact, said they would attend if something like this were offered again. So don’t despair if most of your pre-registrants didn’t show up! They had enough interest in spiritual things to visit the website and register in the first place—and likely their lack of attendance isn’t a signal that their spiritual interest has waned. In fact, these should be some of the first people invited to your next evangelistic program!

Those who did attend were asked specific questions about their experience. For example, attendees were asked to rate (on a scale of 1 to 5) whether the venue was clean and inviting, if the hosts were warm and welcoming, and if the messages were presented clearly. Each of those categories received high marks. Additionally, attendees rated their overall experience at Discovering Revelation at 4.71 out of 5. While it’s not perfect, if that were the rating of a restaurant you were curious about, you’d probably give it try!

In addition to those quantitative measures, we wanted some qualitative feedback as well. When attendees were asked what they appreciated about Discovering Revelation, here’s just a sample of what they said:

  • “Everything – but especially the deep study of God’s word & meeting new seekers/believers.” 
  • “The teachings were refreshing and very clear for understanding.”
  • “I wish I know this long before now.” 
  • “Very well put together, very informative.”
  • “The fact that you opened your doors to the public for this event is wonderful, I hope to see more churches doing things like this… I look forward to coming to more seminars when I can.”
  • “Facts, even my son who is not a church goer agrees with.”
  • “Absolutely everything! The Pastor and staff were amazing.”

Wonderful as it is to hear such positive responses, it’s also important to know how they thought the seminar could be improved:

  • “Have it every week! Loved it!”
  • “I cannot think of a single thing to improve what and how they presented.”
  • “We jam it in 1 hour. Would be nice if it lasted a little longer.”
  • “Schedule was a little confusing.”
  • “I think you guys did a great job. Maybe slow it down just a bit. I understand the time constraints, maybe stretch it out another 15-20 minutes, if possible. Kind of how I feel about taking a few minutes longer on Sunday morning worship. He gave His all for a brood like us; it won’t kill us to set a few minutes longer to hear our Creator’s word, or sing one more song of praise. We owe it to Him. And The football game will still be there when you get to the T.V.. But that is just my own feelings.”
  • “Allow discussion at the end of each session.”
  • “Maybe have 3 to 4 day seminar’s on a single topic. There was so much information given on each topic is was hard to absorb all of it. Breaking it up into smaller weeks with only one topic of Revelation would allow people to delve deeper into each topic.”

This kind of constructive feedback is incredibly helpful and encouraging! Most of the concerns people expressed were related to needing more time to study, discuss, and digest the information presented. Many are hungry for truth and sincerely want to understand it “line upon line and precept upon precept.” (Isaiah 28:9, 10) This only underscores the counsel we’ve been given: 

“After the first efforts have been made in a place by giving a course of lectures, there is really greater necessity for a second course than for the first. The truth is new and startling, and the people need to have the same presented the second time, to get the points distinct and the ideas fixed in the mind.” (Evangelism, 334)

In the end, some 70 sites participated in Discovering Revelation. Just over 1500 people pre-registered, but most of those did not attend. At the same time, some 1000 visitors attended on opening night, the majority of whom did not pre-register! Thus, around 2000 non-Adventists either expressed interest in attending or actually did attend Discovering Revelation. These are souls with varying degrees of spiritual interest whom the Lord has brought within reach of our church families. Let us be diligent to befriend, invite, and offer to study with these dear folks as we seek, by God’s grace, to lead them into the truth for this time. 

IMPORTANT NOTE! Measures such as attendance later in the series and number of spiritual decisions made are currently unavailable due to the lack of feedback from host sites. If your church held a Discovering Revelation series and has not yet completed the exit survey, please do so ASAP! Click here to begin.

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