How Do YOU Get Talking Points?

by Apr 7, 2022Sabbath School

People access and consume media today in a variety of ways. Beyond traditional television and radio, many turn to online sources such as social media, YouTube, and podcast platforms. As we participate in this expanded media landscape, there are now multiple ways you can access our weekly Sabbath School preparation program, Talking Points:

The Michigan Conference Update

Every Friday the Michigan Conference Communication Department send out a digital newsletter to some 6,000 email subscribers. This helpful publication includes important reports and resources from all levels of our church organization—Michigan Conference, Lake Union, North American Division, and the General Conference. Since Talking Points is always included alongside other weekly Michigan Conference video resources, some people just wait to get Talking Points delivered to them this way. (If you are not on the MI Update email list and would like to be, write a quick note to and you’ll be set up right away.)


It’s hard to overstate the impact social media now has on our world. Many people spend hours every day interacting on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook—and since social media is where the people are, that’s where Talking Points is, too! Multiple Facebook pages post a link to the latest episode of Talking Points each week, including the official Michigan Conference page, our Sabbath School and Personal Ministries page (MichiganSSPM), the MichiganSSPM Ideas and Resources Facebook group, as well as my own personal Facebook page. Of course, you are not only allowed but encouraged to share the video link on your social media pages, too.

The online home of everything related to Sabbath School, Personal Ministries, and Public Evangelism in the Michigan Conference is Here you’ll find not only Talking Points, but local video testimonies, training videos, event registrations, order forms for Sabbath School supplies, and much more. If you haven’t done so yet, take a minute a check out here!


The Emmanuel Institute YouTube channel is the unsung hero of our Talking Points media toolkit. Not only can you make sure you never miss an episode by subscribing to the channel and turning on notifications, but just by viewing Talking Points through the Emmanuel Institute YouTube page, you are helping fund future video resources! By God’s grace, our Talking Points audience has grown to the point that our Emmanuel Institute YouTube channel is now monetized, meaning that every month YouTube pays us for using their platform. 100% of those funds stay in our department to help develop other helpful ministry tools. So, a super simple way you can help the cause of Christ is to simply watch, subscribe, like, and share Talking Points on YouTube. 


If you don’t know about AudioVerse, you are really missing out! Available as a webpage and as an app (iOSand Android), AudioVerse is faithful Seventh-day Adventist ministry that posts new sermons, seminars, and other ministry media all the time. Talking Points is available on AudioVerse in both audio and video formats and while you’re there, owe it to yourself to sample some of the thousands of other tremendous recordings archived there as well.

Podcast Services

While video may be king of the media landscape, audio is still a central part of many people’s media diet. I personally like listening to certain things more than watching them so I can multitask while doing household chores or driving to various appointments. To that end, we’ve made Talking Points audio available on major podcast platforms like Google and Spotify.

The General Conference SSPM App

Finally, the new and improved General Conference Sabbath School and Personal Ministries (SSPM) app (iOSand Android) is a must for all Sabbath School leaders and members. Working well on phones and tables, this free app allows you to not only access all the Sabbath School lessons in their various forms, but you’ll also find additional resources like the weekly Mission Spotlight videos and Sabbath School commentary programs from Hope Sabbath School, It Is Written, Amazing Facts, and our own Talking Points program. 

So how do you get Talking Points? If you like to have the one-stop-shop experience in your Sabbath School preparation, the General Conference SSPM app may be best for you. If you like listening while you drive or work around the house, give AudioVerse or Spotify a chance. If you like to watch Talking Points and by so doing want to help fund future video resources, subscribe to the Emmanuel Institute YouTube channel. But regardless of how you get Talking Points, make sure it is only a preparation tool and not a substitute for your local Sabbath School class! 

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