15 Things You Can Do NOW for Successful Public Evangelism This Fall

15 Things You Can Do NOW for Successful Public Evangelism This Fall

The best interests at an evangelistic meeting are friends and family of the members, those people who are personally invited. So, now is the time to build relationships with people so that when you invite them to the meetings, they will be happy to come. Here’s a (not nearly exhaustive!) list of things you can do now to help your next public evangelistic series be successful:

  1. Do a BibleStudyOffer.com mailing and start studying with one or more of the new interests.
  2. Plan a missing member cookie distribution.  Invite church members to bring 2 dozen cookies and make up plates of cookies with a sharing book to deliver a plate to every missing member that still lives in the area. If the whole church participates you can get this done in just one or two days.
  3. Visit your neighbor with home baked goodies or invite them to a neighborhood picnic at your place or a local park to build relationships.
  4. Plan a VBS and visit all the guests’ families. Provide a monthly follow up VBS program to keep in touch and make your evangelistic children’s program a VBS follow up.
  5. Go door to door with a community religious survey to learn the religious climate of your area, offering Bible studies to those who are interested.
  6. Plan one Sabbath a month to invite visitors and church members to your home for Sabbath lunch or vespers. If you work with other church members you could have a plan that each Sabbath people are fellowshipping at homes. There is something special about being in someone’s home that can’t be duplicated at potluck, ooops, I meant fellowship meal. =)
  7. Participate in your local festival, fair or comparable community event.  Whenever possible, do so in a way that makes you a part of festivities and not just a booth trying to squeeze in. For example, if your town has a Strawberry Festival maybe you can serve strawberry smoothies or popsicles while passing literature.  Those connections made in person with a friendly smile, firm handshake, and personal interest in the person will go a long way to making sure the literature is read or the Bible study is completed.
  8. Plan an evangelistic church social.  A picnic, BBQ, scavenger hunt, or anything along those lines will provide an opportunity to invite non-Adventist family and friends. Don’t forget to invite all the interests and “friends” of the church.  Church members can use this time to mingle and get to know people. If the time is right, share a testimony or ask, “Have you heard of our Bible School?” If not, don’t worry. A seed has been sown and they are a little more comfortable with “those Adventists”—or even with the possibility of being one someday!
  9. Do a service project like clean up the lawn or painting for a family in need or struggling business.  This is a great way to build relationships in your community.
  10. Ask for Bible Studies.  This seems simplistic, I know, but sometimes we need to be confronted with the obvious.  When you are at the grocery store, dress shop, walking through your neighborhood, talking with family or friends, or anywhere else you interact with people, be intentional. Look for an opening and ask! If they say no, don’t be offended.  Statistics show that you will probably ask 1000 people before you get a good study interest. In a very real sense, it’s a numbers game—so ask often and trust that it will eventually pay off!
  11. Bring extra food for fellowship meal and personally invite visitors (or members who don’t stay) to stay for fellowship meal. Let them know that you brought enough food to cover them.  Sit with them and take a personal interest in them.
  12. Plan a health outreach. If you don’t already have a supper club or on-going health outreach, that is a great way to build relationships.  If you don’t have the manpower to do something monthly (or every other month or even quarterly if that’s all you can do) and choose topics that are of most interest to the public.  Consistency is key to building friendships with people so something like this is a great opportunity getting close to people.
  13. Go through your interest list. Browse through your church’s Bible study contacts and guest book, looking at each name and think of what can be done to help them along in their journey to knowing Jesus as their savior.  Invite them to a church event, visit them in their home, invite them to your home, etc.
  14. Sponsor a carwash to support the local church school or pathfinder club. Be ready with plenty of snacks, GLOW tracts, and conversation to share while the people are waiting to get their car washed.
  15. Plan a concert, either in your church or at a local outdoor venue. Mingle, talk, visit, have door prizes or whatever you need to be able to get to know the folks attending.

It used to be that people would automatically get to know the people in their towns and neighborhoods. But with the advent of television and particularly social media, people are (ironically enough) a lot less social. Because of this we must be intentional and try harder to meet people for Jesus.  This is just a short list of different ways you can get to know people, but you can do whatever works for you.  You don’t need try to do all of them, but just pick one or two ideas that you think you can accomplish and do those well the Lord will bless your efforts.

Investment Project Ideas

Investment Project Ideas

A Sabbath School investment is a way that you can partner with God to further his cause on this earth! Here’s how you can do it too! Pick a project that you can do to earn a little extra money and dedicate that money to World Mission, here are a few examples.

Services you can do to raise money for Missions

  • Baby Sitting
  • Tutoring
  • Lawn Mowing
  • Car Wash
  • Shoveling Snow
  • Raking leaves
  • Hair Cutting

Sales – What can you sell to raise money for Missions

  • Eggs laid on Sabbath
  • Garden Produce
  • Plants or Flowers
  • Cookies and Pies
  • Jams and Jellies
  • Pets (or one from each litter)
  • Rugs or Quilts
  • Surplus furniture
  • Books
  • Clothes

Other ideas of what you can do to get money for Missions

  • Saving your change
  • Saving Loma Linda/Atlantic Food Labels
  • Saving Kellogg’s food Labels
  • Cans and Bottle returns
  • Unexpected money or a percentage 
  • Garage Sale or craigs list or Facebook Market place
  • Pet Sitting

Loma Linda and Atlantic foods will give $.25 for each label you return.  They will accept all Loma Linda and Canned food labels, NOT FROZEN. Send your completed forms (NOT LABELS to Stephanie Howard, Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, 5801 W. Michigan Ave., Lansing MI 48917.  Don’t worry if you don’t have enough labels to meet your $100 limit, we will add all of the Michigan Churches Labels together and make sure the missionaries get all the money we can send. https://static1.squarespace.com/static/5a4eb501b7411c20361ccf90/t/60a50d56d5bb325fd2398854/1621429590162/Loma%2BLinda%2BLabels%2BMake%2BCents+%281%29+%281%29.pdf

Your church school is not part of world mission but our kids are defiantly a mission field. If your church school wants to save box tops and save money for their school, here is how you can do that. https://www.boxtops4education.com

Your church or Sabbath School can choose its own mission project to support with your investment offering or return to the conference marked “Investment and it will be directed to the following projects.

2021 North American Division Sabbath School Mission Investment Projects


The Good Shepherd House, located in the Greater New York Conference, hopes to contribute to the fight of health equity among the surrounding communities in the county of Brooklyn. Having a Seventh-day Adventist-run free Medical and Dental Clinic would help bridge the gap in access to healthcare quality. Along with a food pantry program, a thrift store, and social services that we plan to implement, it will enable us to address some of the social determinants of health.

The Southern New England Conference is focusing the mission investment funds on aspects of community services involving collection, distribution and training. Currently, there is a need for space for the temporary storage of equipment needed to meet emergency needs. There is very little space for deployment mobilization of service assets (workers and equipment) to provide needed services during times of extremity.


The Nevada-Utah Conference is focusing on the Church building on the Kayenta Navajo Mission site in the Nevada-Utah Conference.

The Arizona Conference plans free clinics and multisite evangelism under the name: Diné Impact ‘22. The majority of the land area, population and Adventist membership of the Navajo Nation is within the territory of the Arizona Conference. Therefore, the Arizona Conference accepts the challenge of taking the lead in a united evangelistic thrust to reach the entire Navajo Nation. The purpose of this specific project is to reap a substantial harvest of souls in the late summer of 2022, by capitalizing on interest generated through radio and internet outreach to the entire Navajo Nation (across State and Conference lines) in partnership with Adventist World Radio and others, beginning in August 2020. A weekly Navajo-focused, locally produced radio broadcast will air across the Navajo territory on KTNN-AM, the 50,000-watt “voice of the Navajo Nation.” A website, currently under construction, will complement the weekly broadcast, and a Bible school will be established to follow up on interest generated.

Self-Denial Jar for Missions

Self-Denial Jar for Missions

A self-denial jar is a jar, box, or piggy bank that you put money in, that you would have spent on yourself or something that is unnecessary save it for a mission project. 

  • Instead of buying that snickers bar put the money in your self-denial jar.
  • If you receive a gift you don’t need, return, or sell it and put the funds in your jar.
  • Instead of going through the drive through for supper put the money in the jar and eat what you have at home. 
  • Dedicate a portion of all unexpected money to the mission.
  • Skip the carwash for a month and put the money in the self-denial jar.

You get the idea! I bet you are thinking, “Will these few dollars actually amount to anything worthwhile?” and the answer is yes! One small church had a $1500 goal but in the end, they raised $4,203.63 for a young girl in the Philippines to have an operation and had money left to support the missionary! Read their story and how to make a successful campaign in your church here! https://missionspro.org/2017/04/09/04152017-300-growth/